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In The Latuka Tribe, A Man Is To Kidnap A Woman And Get Beaten By Her Father In Order To Marry Her

A man is expected to respectfully request the hand of a woman for marriage, after which the lady is expected to determine whether or not she will accept to marry the guy. This is the belief of many cultures.

According to the Latuka and Othuo tribes of South Sudan, however, this is not the case. It's possible that this is a perfect illustration of "the violent takes it by force," because the men in the tribe are not interested in courting the women's hand in marriage.

Any lady a guy admires and desires to marry must be kidnapped by him in order to be accepted into this tribe. In order to obtain her agreement for the marriage, he kidnaps her and then goes to her father to ask for his approval. A captive is being kept against her will as the abducted lady watches.

When a lady is abducted and kept prisoner, her father must decide whether to approve to her marriage and allow her to wed the guy who kidnapped her, or whether to reject the marriage and prevent the woman from marrying the kidnapper. Whatever he decides will determine the course of events that will follow.

Another intriguing aspect of it is as follows: Assuming that her father approves of the marriage and decides to let her daughter to marry the guy who abducted her, he will have to beat the man. The intensity of the beating is unknown at this time, but the purpose of the beating is to demonstrate that the male is prepared to be battered in order to protect the lady.

If a guy gives up his shoe for a lady, it is equivalent to the price that he must pay in order to be in a relationship with her.

As an alternative, the father of the lady who was abducted may decide that he will not give his daughter to the guy who kidnapped her and that he would not support their union. In this particular instance, there are two different outcomes that might occur. The man who abducted the lady could opt to return her, or he might decide to go forward with the marriage as planned.

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