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3 Things a Girl Will Not Do When She Has Feelings For You.

While there are some things a woman can do when she is in love with a man, there are some things she cannot do. Traditional for a girl to tell a man she loves him, but today's girls are unwilling to do so because of societal pressures. They prefer to wait for the other person to convey their feelings before they express their own.

The following are some of the things that women will no longer do once they have feelings for a man. Among them are

1. She can't go a day without speaking with you. An honest woman will not wait for your call before calling you.

If she calls and you don't respond, she can get irritated since she doesn't want to go a day without speaking to you.

2. She Will Not Be Afraid To Spend The Night At Your Place. She will always reject your offer of spending the night at your place if her disdain for you is strong enough.

It's possible that she wouldn't want to remain with you on her alone since she wouldn't feel comfortable with you.

3. She Will does not Ask You For Money: Another thing a lady will not do when she has a feeling for you is to ask you for money. Some women will do everything in their power not to ask you for money at all. This is because when a woman is truly in love with you, she doesn't want more from you, but rather she needs your love and attention. Any man who notices this feature in a female should admire her because these women are hard to come by in this generation.

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