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5 Easy Ways To Tell Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Reaching Out To You

Here are 5 simple ways your deceased loved ones might contact you:

1. You come across one of their preferred tunes

Numerous people adore particular bands or singers. Even after death, this love continues. Even when we pass away, we still like music.

You might hear a certain music that your loved one who has passed away liked, which is a sign from them. This doesn't always imply they are present if you look for this music on purpose.

Know that your loved one is probably nearby when one of their favorite songs unexpectedly starts playing. The song might be played as you browse in the mall or on the radio. Anywhere there is music playing, it can happen.

Even in regions where that kind of music isn't typically played, you might hear their tunes being played. The spirits have a lot of power.

2. You continue to see their name

You might recognize their name from television, print or mail commercials, novels, or any number of other places.

Sometimes you won't even be looking for their name; it will just be in a sentence. The use of a sentence can let spirits communicate with you.

I came upon my aunt's name in a Facebook post shortly after her passing. It stated that she was grinning and had her name on it. The person who shared this on Facebook didn't even know she passed away.

I'm appreciative of the message informing me that she was content and at peace. You can also receive messages like these from your loved ones who have passed away.

3. They smell to you.

Many folks have a distinctive fragrance or perfume. Even after they pass gone, they are still fond of their distinctive aroma. You might smell them on special occasions or just randomly.

For instance, years ago when I was unwrapping my Easter basket, I smelled my grandpa. His aroma was quite distinctive because he spent many years working at a tire plant.

For spirits to provide us with anything to scent, not much energy is required. This odor may be a favorite perfume or a strong cigarette odor.

4. They bring birds to visit you

Cardinals are frequently an indication of departed loved ones. Many family members enjoy choosing a cardinal to symbolize their presence. After all, cardinals are difficult to miss because of their distinctive red color.

However, not every spirit will select a cardinal. Someone who chose a bird like a crow is significantly more likely to have preferred the color black when they were alive. Other birds may also be preferred by people.

It can be difficult to predict which bird our loved ones will choose to represent them personally. Before I became a Cardinal myself, I learned that my grandmother made her choice through a medium.

5. They pay you a visit in dreams

Our departed loved ones frequently appear to us in dreams. They won't cause us to have disturbing nightmares. However, they will provide us support while we are struggling. They can also convey to us their joy and contentment.


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