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According To Your Star Sign This Is The Type Of Girlfriend You Are

ARIES Girlfriend

* Baby and daddy at the same time

* Hot when they're mad

* Kinda jealous

* Gives you lots of hickeys

* Professional kisser

* Roasts and insults you as a form of affection

* Needs attention and space at the same time

TAURUS Girlfriend

* Spoils you with good food and affection

* Great listener and good secret keeper

* Creates a comfy home with you

* Is always there for you

* Classy and seductive

* Super touchy and sensual

* Always has your back

GEMINI Girlfriend

* Freaky in the sheets

* Sends you memes and songs

* Lìkes to go on spontaneous fun dates

* Knows how to make you laugh

* Naturally flirty

* Is both clingy and distant

CANCER Girlfriend

* Surprises you with romantic dates

* Your number one supporter

* Looks cute and has a dirty mind

* Your best friend, lover, therapist

* Steals your hoodies

* Always smells so good

* Fights anyone who messes with you

* Sweet and crazy

Leo Girlfriend

* Wants to be spoiled and adored

* Wants a romance like in the movies

* Loves luxurious things in life

* Starts fights with you to spice things up

* Will show you off 24/7

* Extremely passionate, always gives 100% and expects the same from you

VIRGO Girlfriend

* Brings order to your chaotic life

* Helps you with your problems

* Takes their time and hates being rushed

* Takes care of you

* Princess in the streets, freak in the sheets

* Needs stability and security

LIBRA Girlfriend

* Too flirty for their own good

* Wants the best for you

* Surprises you with thoughtful gifts

* Kinda clingy, kinda distant

* Gives really good advice

* Wants to be treated like a princess

* Charming and polite

SCORPIO Girlfriend

* Forever loyal

* Gives you cute pet names and matching clothes

* Says "make me" or "fight me" a lot

* Your partner in crime

* Likes to be in control/dominant

* Remembers the little things about you


* Does everything with passion

* Optimistic and fun

* Always keeps it real

* "Love me but give me space"

* There's never a dull moment with them

* Acts goofy and loves to tease you

* Wild and free

CAPRICORN Girlfriend

* Is both tough and soft

* Loyal and trustworthy

* Family oriented

* Has a dry, dark sense of humor

* Has a high libido

* Master at seduction

* Playful and wild behind closed doors :)

AQUARIUS Girlfriend

* Drama free and real AF

* Encourages you to be yourself

* Careful with their emotions

* Cannot be tamed or tied down

* Super caring but also super challenging

* Is into philosophical discussions

* Your best friend and lover

PISCES Girlfriend

* Has cute AF nicknames for you

* Nurturing and sensitive to your needs

* A selfless lover

* Open minded and experimental

* Can read your mind

* Not as innocent as she looks

* Doesn't judge you

* Gives the warmest hugs

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