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Food safety

" I found muthi in my food and when my roommate noticed that I saw it, she did this" - Lady Laments

@Khumalo_ On Twitter, Kea revealed the worst roommate experience she's ever had, and the news startled everyone. Her roommate had put muti in her food, and after she ate it, she noticed that her stomach was in discomfort. The following morning, she discovered the poison concealed beneath her chicken. When her roommate found out that Kea had seen it, she fled the scene but subsequently apologized for her actions. She ordered her to leave the apartment and she did so.

"I saw muti in my food, and when she realized that I spotted it, she hurried away, although she later tried to apologize to me for her behavior. There is a lot more I could say, but for the time being I'll just leave it as this. What's even worse is that I had a bad taste in my mouth the day before I ate the food, but I ignored it. After beginning to feel ill, I made the decision to visit a physician. I looked all over for my medical aid, but it was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, I had been there before and was able to make an appointment with a physician." As she stated.

"I have a tale that's almost similar to that one, but the only difference is that she walked out on her own after my friends and I prayed together and mopped the room with water that contained salt." Said @Mpho Seakamela.


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