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Factors That Determine Whether A Man Can Impregnate A Woman And Ways Of Improving Sperm Health

Are you aware that various circumstances influence the viability of a man's sperm cells? Infertility can be quite upsetting for most couples, and it can sometimes lead to divorce and other marital problems. The unfortunate reality is that most people blame infertility on the woman whereas, in certain circumstances, it is the man's fault.

So, in this post, we'll look at some of the elements that influence whether or not a guy can successfully impregnate a woman. Men may actually influence the health of their sperm cells, which is a good thing. Simply sit back and absorb all this article has to offer.

What Are These Elements?

1. Sperm count; a healthy sperm count should be between 15 and 20 million per milliliter of sperm. Because most cells die along the way, the more cells you have in your discharge, the better your chances of getting a lady pregnant, as there will almost surely be a survivor among the millions.

The motility of the cells is the second component. Motility refers to the capacity of sperm to swim. They have a lengthy swim to get to the egg and then fertilize it, so if your cells aren't moving effectively, you could never be able to get pregnant with a woman.

3. The morphology, or shape of the cells, is the third and final factor or determinant. Normal and healthy cells should have rounder heads and long, powerful tails, but cells that are formed incorrectly or badly may not be able to reach the egg before dying.

Which Methods Can A Man Use To Improve Cellular Health?

1. Drink only a small amount of alcohol and smoke only a few cigarettes, if at all possible.

2. Exercise on a regular basis, but refrain from doing anything too strenuous, as this can harm your sperm health.

3. Eat a healthy diet, including plenty of nuts (which can help boost testosterone) and vitamin B12-rich foods.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and following the handle for more health-related news.

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