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4 Typical Ways Ladies Put Men To Test. - OPINION.

Many men are unaware that women test men, causing them to make the same blunders. Women, in fact, put men to the test on a regular basis. You can't blame them; men approach them all the time, and they need to figure out how to get to know the finest of them. If you fail the tests, you will be regarded as a weak man and will be rejected. Because the procedure is already ingrained in them, women may not even realize they are testing you.

1. The compliance test: The woman will ask you to do something you don't particularly enjoy or want to do merely to see whether you'll comply. She's interested in seeing if you'll reduce your standards as a result of her. If you acquiesce, she will perceive you as weak, and her interest in you will wane.

Stick to your guns is the solution. If you go against your convictions to please a lady, she will despise you. She'll know you're a worthy man if you don't. Go ahead and do it if it's something you enjoy, but don't do it if you won't be happy with yourself later. For instance, if a female you met lately asks you to buy her anything, you can decline but do so when she is least expecting it. This demonstrates to her that you, not she, make the decisions, which increases your value.

2. The Confidence Test: She'll say something unexpected in order to watch how you react. If you respond with fury, you will fail the test; however, if you remain calm and collected, you will pass. She wants to know if you're capable of laughing at yourself. The woman may make a snide remark about your clothing to see if you lose your cool. You will fail if you take it personally, but you will succeed if you reply positively and remain calm.

3. The congruence test: She uses this test to evaluate if your words and actions are in sync. She wants to know if you're a man who can talk and act, or if you can talk but can't act. Accept nothing you can't do in order to pass this test. You could promise her the world only to get her attention, but if you don't, she'll lose interest in you. Don't be a man of words; instead, be a man of action. Before you say it, do it.

4. The Dominance Test: She wants to know if she can manage the relationship on her own. She wants to know who is in charge of making the ultimate decision. Most men make the mistake of believing that women desire to lead, which is incorrect. She may disagree with you, but she really wants a man who can lead her. If you continuously ask him to decide what's going on, his attraction to you will wane. She expects you to be a man who knows what he's doing. You've failed the test if she discovers that you're not domineering.

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