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A lady shares how her friend helped her get over someone she never thought she could escape from

They say "when days are dark, friends are few," but there are those friends who choose to stay even during those darkest days. Those who choose to stay can be regarded as true friends.

Getting over someone that you truly love is one of the hardest things to do. That is why others end up undergoing counseling or any form of psychological help in order to get rid of negative thoughts and pain. Those who have true friends are lucky, because those friends will be with them and help them get through that toughest time.

A woman who calls herself MaZuma on Twitter says she found herself with a task of getting over someone that she never thought she could get over. It was difficult for MaZuma to achieve this on her own, but there is a loyal friend of her who saw her cry and she became very useful.

MaZuma says this friend of hers had to say negative things about this guy so that MaZuma could find the reasons to let go of the feeling that she had for him. She told her that she could not believe MaZuma was crying over a guy like him. She asked her what it was that she did for her which made him worth her tears. MaZuma says she could not answer that question because she could not think of any valuable thing that the guy had done for her, which is ironic because she found herself being heart broken from their break up.

She says her friend did not even give her a chance to talk about this guy because she thought he was not even worth talking about. MaZuma ended up realising that she was crying over someone who was not worth it at all. She says she even hates herself for thinking highly of him.

I think the world needs good friendships, but when it comes to giving someone relationship advice, we must be careful because we might not know what is on their hearts, and should they get back together, you will be the one looking like a bad person if you were being negative about their partner. It might have worked for MaZuma, but there is a reason why her friend did not want to say much about the guy and that was a good move because more words would mean shooting herself on the foot.

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