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He Said This Is What A Family Is Supposed To Look Like But People Don't Agree With Him & Here's Why.

Date || 29 November 2021

Source || Instagram


Some people might consider family a really important factor in their lives, while some might not carry the same values. This is mostly dependant on how people are with their family members as some families are toxic and, therefore, some people prefer not to associate themselves with these toxic family members. 

However, as I have mentioned above, some people take their families seriously and this is regardless of how big or small their families are. One person posted a picture of their family and said that this is how a family should be like. As you can see in the picture below, the family is quite big as it starts all the way from the ground floor leading up the stairs to the first floor. To show that there's too much of them, some are even standing behind others as there's no space for them to stand in the front and also appear in the photo.

Photo credit: Instagram

This person has a large family and is proud of it but some people don't seem to be happy with the number of people that are in the family. One guy commented on the post about the large family and said that he doesn't want that many people, let alone kids in his house. This showed that the guy didn't share the same values with the guy that posted the picture when it comes to family.

Photo credit: Instagram

Many people actually agreed with the second guy as they said that, that family is quite huge and they too would not want to have such a large family. Some even mentioned that, they felt a lot of anxiety by just looking at the picture and they didn't like that.

Photo credit: Instagram 

Photo credit: Instagram 

Photo credit: Instagram 

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