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LADIES: Here Are 5 Places You Should Never Allow An Ordinary Guy to Touch You

Some boys have a habit of taking advantage of women, and touching them is sensitive parts of their bodies. Even if she is your friend or someone close to you, you should not touch any part of a woman's body unless she is your wife, girlfriend, or she has given you access to it.

As a woman, never joke with someone who physically abuses you or touches any part of your body that shouldn't be touched. There are other ways to get a woman's attention without touching her in any way.

Some of these habits make some women angry, and bad habits like that, in my little experience, are usually found in markets, streets, clubs, schools.

Ladies, here are 6 parts of your body that you shouldn't let a guy touch unless he is your husband or boyfriend.

1. Backside.

As a woman, never taped at your backside up by a man who is not your husband or boyfriend because that is not the right thing to do. He has other ways of greeting you. Don't touch your ass in public. This looks embarrassing. Never give someone such permission or freedom to treat you this way unless that person is your partner.

Try to stop anyone who attempts to if possible, report him to the police if he doesn't regret it and act like it's his right.

2. Legs.

In women, legs are one of the most seductive parts of the female body. So never give a guy permission to touch your feet because it's completely wrong, because it's flirting and it's not nice for someone who is not your partner to touch your feet and rub too much unless you permit.

So if a guy tries this with you, stop him and warn him not to do this to you again.

3. Your waist.

It is not good for a man to touch a woman's waist when both parties are not physically connected. Having a man or a stranger hold your waist makes you feel cheap, especially if it's in a public place where different eyes will be looking at you. Never give anyone the freedom to access you this way.

4. Your cheeks.

Only a man who loves you or is in a relationship with you has a chance to caress your cheek. This is why boys love to touch the cheeks of the women they love and cherish. It is a signal of love and only those who are close to you are allowed to touch you like your husband or lover. So never let anyone carelessly caress your cheek without your permission.

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