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“Is it weird That I Tell My Guy Friends I Love Them?” — Thembisile Wants To Know

South African entertainer and a fast rising musician, Thembisile is very popular on social media, and she is a well-known Twitter influencer. She puts a question to her numerous Twitter followers if it was appropriate to tell her male friends she loved them. She asked, “Is it weird that I tell my guy friends I love them?”. According to her, she mean it, and she is not kidding about it. Many people admitted that there is nothing wrong with that, although some male friends may turn it to another thing. The trend of things is changing. It's no longer a man's world, where the male folks dominate every aspect, including relationships. Now, women are breaking loose, as some ladies have reported on Twitter proposing to their men, and it worked perfectly for them. One lady Aisha said she was the one who approached her husband when she discovered all the qualities she needed in a man is in him. She had to approach him before another woman could have him, and today their marriage is a bliss.

Replying Thembisile, a young man said that there is basically nothing wrong with that, saying that his female friends do say it to him. He said, “My lady friend told me that a few minutes ago….and there’s no problem with that. Now that you are single it matters not my baby but kube be you sano guy it is very much wrong”. Another person said that it is normal as long as the person doesn't cross the boundaries. He said, “As long as they know it has boundaries than no not at all. Yeah. Boundaries should never be crossed”. Note, that she is not talking about a man whom you have a relationship with, rather, a Platonic friend.


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