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Sunday Laughs: I Am Tired Of Being A Spare Wheel. Funny

As the years pass after high school, you'll notice that more and more of your pals have settled down. It's normal as you get older to look for a companion to share your life with, but it's not always simple for some people. There are a few various ways to handle the world around you if you find yourself single among a sea of couples for whatever reason, and one girl has clearly made the most of her single existence. She has been posting amusing images of herself, with a grim and not amused facial expression, alongside or in front of happy couples, on Instagram to reach the public and relate to third wheels everywhere.

It may appear easy, but she captures the feelings of third wheels in one face expression and one funny snapshot, and we can't stop giggling.

1. Consistency is essential.

You'll notice that her expression is fairly consistent.

2. The Fifth Wheel.

As a 5th wheel, this is the only way to take a selfie.

3. Kissy-Kiss!

Don't worry, if you couldn't tell from the Instagram account's name, the whole thing is in good fun.

4. Be sarcastic!

Even when they're on their phones, you can't win!

5. Heartfelt congratulations

She claims to be thrilled for the newlyweds, but seeing everyone move on without you is quite an experience!

6. Make Out Sesh I'm not sure how healthy this is for her.

7. Be on time...

It could be time for her to mingle with other singles.

8. Long Distance Grumping

Okay, she kind of brought this on herself.

9. You're in a relationship!

Don't be fooled by the face, or don't be fooled by it; either way, it's really funny.

10. So Instagram.

Without a black and white photo, it wouldn't be an Instagram account.

11. Laugh out loud!

Her face tells it all: adorable and disgusting.

12. Compulsive shopper.

I can't even go away for a couple of minutes.

13. The 1000-Word Face

This expression says it all: she's both amused and annoyed at the same time. It's ideal.

14. Happiness

At the very least, she's making the best of a bad situation!

15. Career Objectives

With her love of all things lovey-dovey, she should really consider pursuing a career as a divorce lawyer.

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