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Doctor Advises Men To Do This Before Lovemaking with any woman

The First Doctor posted a message on his new Facebook page in which he instructed the boys on how to prepare for a relationship. It protects the boy from hormonal regulation. He said some guys make the mistake of drinking soft drinks before having sex.

 Here are the following:

 1. Fill half a bucket with 5 liters of water.

 2. Bring to a boil and infuse without soap or sponge. For example, fresh water should not be heated.

 3. After bathing, wipe your body and rest to sleep. Allow your partner to do the same and avoid overuse of herbs.

 4. For men with diabetes, avoid carbonated beverages instead of sweeteners, which do not affect sugar.

 The advantage of using warm water is that it helps regulate body temperature when I wake up. Hormones of this type are particularly active, especially in hot climates.

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 Source: FirstDoctor

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