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A lady Left her boyfriend for a girl so he decided to get her best friend pregnant


The girls code is the unwritten and often unspecified rules that exist between a girl and her friends.

It basically sets out the do's and don'ts of having sex with your ex-spouse, or ex-boyfriend.

However, another woman had to find it difficult.

-Another said: "Avoid bullets, just imagine if you have a preggo (SIC)"

-Sharing a TikTok, Amy Corke photographed herself singing the song: "My Ex is very different from my Ex."

-It read: “If you leave her as a girl, you are giving birth to your best friend.”

-He then commented on the video, writing: "It's safe to say we're no longer friends."

-It turned out that she was not the only woman who had a friend who disagreed with the girls' code.

-One wrote: "Girl ... we found the same partner and 'best friend' apparently."

-Another added: "If you leave your partner it tells you that no one will want you to have three children and then meet someone with six children and not pay for them."

-Third she said: "She couldn't wait to catch your husband in the first place."

-Amy replied: "It looks like this."

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