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Guys, See The 5 Things Girls Do When They Start Having Feelings For You

In contrast to most women, particularly those from our region of the world, most men do not know how to approach a woman and express their feelings for her; instead, they prefer to put on a show of personalities in the hopes that you will discover that they are in love with you and then take the appropriate action to end the relationship.

The reason for this is that they do not want the rest of society to see them as being cheap or wayward, and by dying in quiet while still in love with a guy, they will avoid this perception.

Although they have some responsibility, it is mostly the fault of those who continue to hold the belief that we are still living in the Stone Age. Consequently, the male has the obligation of learning to recognize the signs that a woman is developing affections for him and then approaching her to see whether you feel the same way about her as she does about you.

In my opinion, it is not a good idea to take advantage of this and then shatter a lady's heart; it will be a horrible act if you know that you do not love her as much as she does, and if you don't, please do not pursue the connection.

The following behaviors will begin to manifest themselves when a girl begins to develop feelings for you as a result of this.


In the blink of an eye, a female will begin to refer to you by absurd nicknames like "BIG HEAD," "BIG NOSE," or "BIG MOUTH," as soon as she develops affections for you.

She may even begin to refer to you as "silly" just because she is unable to refer to you in the manner in which others refer to you, or she may shorten your name into a romantic form simply because she is unable to refer to you in the manner in which others refer to you.


The first signs that a lady is starting to have feelings for you are when she begins to ask you things like, "How is your girlfriend doing?" among other things, remarks such as "I don't want your girlfriend to do this or that to me" are also commonplace.

Simply put, she is interested in knowing if you have a girlfriend so that she can evaluate whether or not she has a chance of being your girlfriend in the future.


A lady will begin calling and texting you on social media sites on a daily basis as soon as she begins to have feelings for you. She will do so to enquire about your well-being since your well-being has now become her primary concern.

Whether you recharge her phone or not, she will only care that she can continue to talk on the phone with you for the rest of her days and nights.


As soon as a girl feels a strong emotional attachment to you, she will begin to do everything in her power to spend more time with you. Regardless of where you are, she will want to meet you and will not care whether or not you pay for her transportation.

She will even want to come over and hang out with you until you understand that she has feelings for you, at which time you may ask her out on a date with her consent. At the same time, she would be privately praying about it in her thoughts.


The last stage is that when a girl begins to develop feelings for you, she will begin paying more attention to the clothes she wears and the things she does while she is in your company. He or she will feel a bit uneasy in your presence, and she will strive to maintain the appearance that she is a faultless being when in your company.

You can be sure she will never do anything that would make you detest her, and as a consequence, she will be anxious whenever she is in your presence, which is quite natural.

Those are the kinds of actions that females engage in when they begin to develop feelings for you, and they are indicative of their affections for you.

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