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Males Duos Who Decided to Split Because of The Girl.

Izwelethu News

06 October 2021

Report by T. Ximba

Men are undoubtedly the most jealous people. No one wants any men nearer their girl or wife which is really good because it shows that they care about and love their women. Anyone would definitely choose their partner over a colleague even if they have worked for a decade.

Today we will look at the celebrities who stopped working together because their partners dated their colleagues.

1. JazzDisciples.

The duo broke many hearts when they announced the split. The two ended a relationship and deduced work individually. The duo allegedly dated the same woman, who at a later stage became Josiah's baby mama. The song titled Mama released by Josiah was allegedly directed to a baby mama who is dating blessers. The duo has been throwing shades at each other.

2. TNS and Prince Kaybee.

Do you remember the beef between TNS and Prince Kaybee over Banomoya song by them and unpaid money to TNS? The two had actually dated the same girl. Not only did they date the same girl but TNS was allegedly found sleeping with Prince Kaybee's girlfriend back in 2019.

Please feel free to leave a comment on how would you handle tension if you were to find that a colleague is dating your partner.

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