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Divorce Affair

Man shares a letter to his mother and wrote to his father in 1993 apologizing for offending him


A man shares an amazing letter of peace his mother wrote to his father in 1993 after irritating him.

How often do we apologize to our friends or parents for offending them? If I'm not lying, the use of mobile phones, the internet, or social media was not Ghanaian, so before you apologize to someone you have to face them face to face, meet the person and tell them what to do. say.

The true significance of forgiveness and genuine love and love can be seen in a letter that was written to her husband apologizing for offending him 28 years ago.

The letter we are talking about today was handwritten in 1993 and shared by Tola Davids. The letter tells the story of a woman who tried to persuade her husband to accept her apology or wrote this wonderful letter alone apologizing for what she had done to him.

After the letter was shared on social media, many netizens began praising the woman for her humility by apologizing for her mistake in a dramatic letter. In today’s world, we miss this great value in our relationships and marriages where women and men alike do not want to lower their egos.

As long as the value of forgiveness was emphasized in today's marriage and marriage, many divorces, divorces, and divorce would be avoided and avoided.

Someone shared a letter his mother wrote to his father in 1993.

Comments and responses to social media are something we don’t want you to miss. Enjoy below.

Kwame ice wrote:

That generation had a long relationship without texting, exchanging pictures, and video calls. How did they do it ???

Daniel Regfha commented:

The above love letter was a pleasure to read, Brother Sunday tried this couple; Mgbeke's old love is the best, not all of these "Urgent 2k & ShopRite" of today's love. I shouted at all my classmates who were writing love letters but ended their friendship after 2go.

Tunde Westside commented:

The fact that your father kept it until now means that what he had was true.

The Duke of Ibadan said:

One love kept them together. The only girl I ever wrote to was the daughter of my principal, Noise read the letter. Some were historical

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