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How to keep a long healthy happy marriage or relationship. OPINION

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and the happiest people in the world are those who have found true love. Everyday is a joyful day when you are inlove and sometimes everyday could be a tearfully because of love. However if you are married that means you have found your other half you just have to make it work . The key to building a firm foundation of a healthy relationship is love , truth , trust , honesty , forgiveness and being humble. Support each other do not over criticize your partner but encourage them and correct them when they are wrong.

Many marriages and relationships fall apart because pride , they fall apart because one couldn't say sorry in admitting they are wrong. To say sorry it doesn't necessarily mean you are wrong it means you love the person and love comes with peace. So you swallow pride and humble yourself for the sake of love it's all about compromising because you not going to 100 % of what you want from a relationship. Say you get 70 percent of what you real want from a relationship and that literal means you have to compromise and settle for that other 30 percent of what you dislike.

Woman go through a lot of hardship in this life but most men sometimes take that for granted , they are the ones taking care of homes they raise families and they do a lot of work sometimes they get tired. That time of the month and the hormones are some of the challenges they face. However for men to keep a happy marriage you have to be humble for love apologize even if you are not wrong. Sorry it's the magic word it doesn't matter how much angry a person is , if you say I'm sorry you calm them down and same applies to both parties. People say terribly bad things when they are angry that is why it is important to just say I'm sorry , and then you might talk to partner later when they are calm and back to their senses with more reasoning.

Do not lose the person you love because of pride you have to compromise and be humble apologies. Someone might say something which they don't mean when they are having a bad day but don't pick up a fight just say I'm sorry. It's more important to always choose love over being right so don't lose the person you love because of a simple misunderstanding just say I'm sorry. The main problem that most people find in a relationship is that couples always challenge eachother for no reason , and no one wants to lose an argument they all want to right.

To those who are not married be careful not to fall for a bad apple because marriage is a life time commitment , and you don't want to live the rest of your life miserable with the wrong person. To those we lost their relationships with the person they truly loved because of a misunderstanding , it's never too late to say sorry go and fix things and find the happiness you deserve we are all designed to find love and live happy.

To those who are married to the wrong people for all the wrong reasons just know that it's never too late to start over , love will always find you because a human being is designed to love and only love but the bad side of it it's the opposite. Don't live the rest of your life miserable with the wrong person because we are all meant to be happy and so mistakes happens whereby you find opposite of love. It's never too late to find your destination which is where you will be truly loved , appreciated and respected.

People have experienced love in different ways others say its complicated , it's a very complex topic and everyone has a story to tell as far as it is concerned. So people see things differently especially when it comes to the matters love , well this is your platform you leave a comment below and share your views.

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