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See what a 16year old girl can do with used tyres

"This is a gift, oh, a gift." People today are in a hurry to make money without doing anything and that is why many of them are now cheating and dishonest around the world. The woman pictured below is a professional Nigerian woman who can see what she can do with her tires. This gift, Favor Oluma, a 16 year old girl, has reused old tires for household furniture. GOOD! This transforms used and worn tires into a good look.

If today’s young people are really creative, they change things with help and things happen, days go by when a useful bowl is useless. A 16-year-old girl on social media Post the things you can do, your thoughts are positive, you help others do your work to encourage, and if people can tell you that I am happy to contact you.

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