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Husband and wife relationship

Zimbabwean man uses wifes money to lobola her friend but his wife stormed the ceremony (pictures)

Love is blind - so they say. 

A Zimbabwean man tried to literally make love blind by paying lobola for his girlfriend using his wife's savings. His girlfriend also happens to be his wife's best friend. 

That is the scene that played out in Harare when the man's wife Marvelous Marufu heard that her husband was in the process of paying lobola for her best friend. 

Her husband, Albert Mhondoro, has been dating her friend Ratidzo Mawire.

She stormed at the lobola negotiation function and all hell broke loose. 

Marufu was having none of it and she did not hide her feelings by venting out her anger towards both Mawire and Mhondoro.

“I just want my money, that’s all, he left me with three kids. These people here are accepting lobola for the third time, from different men, for Mawire.

“This is my husband who is paying lobola with my money for this Judas woman," she screamed at the function. 

Mhondoro in turn hit out at Marufu saying she was just bitter because he had left her. He adviced her to move on because there was nothing good that would happen between them. 

The lobola ceremony was subsequently cancelled. 


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