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Dear men, do not reveal these secrets to your wife no matter what (Opinion)

If you want to have a better relationship or marriage, there are some things that you must keep hidden from your partner.

This is a list of five things that you should not tell your wife about yourself.

1. Don't Reveal Your Total Bank Balance To Your Wife.

Although it may seem absurd, no matter how much you like your wife or lady, you should never reveal your complete net worth or the amount of money you have in your bank account to her or her friends or relatives.

For the simple reason that it may lead to something different. When women see that their guy is prospering or when they learn of his net worth, they tend to inquire further. Whatever the money is intended for, it makes no difference to them.

The first time a woman sees your bank statement and approaches you with a request for financial assistance for feeding or other needs, you may find yourself responding with anger or telling her that the money she has received is insufficient because she suspects that you have more funds available to give.

Many misconceptions in marriages and relationships have arisen as a result of issues such as these, therefore it is best if you keep your financial affairs apart from the lady you are in love with.

2. Don't Tell her About Your Previous Sexual Relationship And How Your Ex Was So Good.

Immediately after being married, you should devote all of your time and attention to your new bride. You will not benefit from the concept of introducing your ex-memories partner's into your current relationship.

So never tell your girlfriend about a past relationship or your sexual history because, believe me, it will never end the way you anticipate it will. If you love your lady, you should never inform her about your previous relationship or the woman you wish to marry before she begins to behave toxically toward you.

4. Don't Disclose Your Family Secrets To Her.

Between being married and being in a relationship, there are important distinctions to make. The distinction between my girlfriend and my wife must be understood by all parties involved.

Meanwhile, your wife is now considered a member of the family; however, your girlfriend will not be considered a part of the family until after you have been legally married.

Do not share your family's secret with a partner or other lady. If you truly care for that woman, you should never bring up the subject of your marriage or your family secrets in front of the public or anybody who is not a close relative.

4. Don't Tell Her The Names Of The Woman You Wanted To Marry Before She Shows Up.

It is possible to have a loving or poisonous relationship with another person. As a guy, your actions are what determine your fate. We all make blunders in our relationships and marriages that may be fatal to our romantic lives. Even if you are madly in love with your wife, some men make the mistake of telling their wives all they know about themselves. Do not give out the names of the women you are considering marrying before they arrive.

That will not aid in the development of a healthy relationship.

5. Don't Promise and fail

Especially irritating to women are guys who make promises but then break them or alter their minds. Promise just what you are able to provide at that particular time, as a man. Never make a promise to your girlfriend whether you are overjoyed or depressed, and never promise something you cannot afford to fulfil your commitment.

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