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Men, see 7 tips on how to answer the "what do you like about me" question from ladies.

Greetings and welcome to my channel. once again, Today's article will discuss how to respond to the "what do you like about me" question that females frequently ask men. It's critical to deliver frequent praises in order to help your relationship develop and thrive.

The following are some of the suggestions:

1. Compliment her attractiveness, but focus on something else. Males have a reputation for being superficial. If you believe the person you're with has a "hot body," that's fantastic, but it's not necessary to make it your first or most crucial response when your partner inquires. Consider stating what you originally observed and then transitioning to discussing personality: "I initially noticed your eyes, but what I've grown to appreciate about you is your wonderful sense of humor. I appreciate the way you make me laugh." When complimenting your partner's attractiveness, avoid discussing specific bodily areas, such as the size of their "assets." Rather than that, say, "You look stunning in that gown." or "I enjoy the way you look when you dance." Compliment them on their fashion choices. At all times, refrain from using foul language. There is no abbreviation for bodily parts. It is neither amusing, nor is it complimentary.

2. Make a point of complimenting her characteristics. Your spouse is interested in learning why you like them, not in learning why you're attracted to them. That means going beyond the surface and complimenting your partner or crush on the inside. Here are some helpful hints: "I admire your ability to remain composed in the face of adversity." "I admire your concern for animals and your cheerful demeanor." "I like your dedication to music." "I admire how wonderful a sister and daughter you are to your family." "I like your willingness to assist those in need."

3. Express your admiration for her intelligence. If you like your partner's intelligence, it's always appropriate to complement them on it. Acknowledge your partner's intelligence and talents. "I like your concern for the environment and your global footprint." "I admire your academic ability and your dedication to get admission to a reputable college." "I like how well-read and knowledgable you are about a variety of subjects." "I like your involvement in politics and your commitment to making a difference."

4. Acknowledge her abilities or capabilities. What is it about your relationship that draws you to them? What do you like about your partner's distinctive characteristics or abilities? It's always a pleasure to hear such particular and distinct compliments: "I like your diligence. I have a great deal of admiration for that." "This pie you cooked is just delicious. I admire your baking ability." "I admire your wit. It's so simple to spend out with you since you're constantly making me laugh." "I adore all of your interests. You're really talented and make excellent use of your leisure time."

5. Discuss how your spouse affects your emotions. Compliments will always appear more genuine and valuable when tied to your emotions, personal response, and relationship. It's always preferable than a generic complement. "I appreciate how much I admire you. I'm really smitten with you." "I enjoy how much you arouse me." "I appreciate the way you make me laugh." "I enjoy how we can spend time together doing nothing and yet have fun."

6. Provide as much detail as possible. Compliments should not sound as though they came from the Internet. If you want your compliments to be genuine, you must tailor them to your spouse and include several specifics. What is the proper way to congratulate your partner? Compliment your companion. Rather than stating, ""I admire your physique," you say. "I admire the way you walk and move." When we're going through the park and the air becomes windy, I admire the way you tuck your hair back and continue walking."

Rather than expressing, ""I enjoy your personality," you say. "I enjoy it when I can tell you're irritated by anything someone says and you get all fidgety and silent and give me a look. When you do that, I get the impression that we're incredibly close."

Rather than stating, "I admire your sense of humor," share something amusing with your companion. Say something along the lines of, "I admire your ability to consume peanut butter directly from the jar while no one is watching. It truly excites me "or something else that will bring a smile to their face.

7. Simply state the truth. When girls ask this question, they are not seeking for anything specific other than the truth. Inform a girl that you like her because she makes you laugh. Inform a female that you like her because her legs turn you on. If you like someone, offer them the respect they deserve by being candid and explicit about what you admire about them. This is not an exam that you must pass. It's an open question and an opportunity to learn more about one another.

I hope this was helpful. Kindly follow us for further Quality articles.

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