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Wedding planning scene

Funny Photos Of Newly Wedded Couples Dancing Causes A Stir On Social Media.

Many social media users couldn't control their laughter after seeing a video of a young Ghanaian man and his bride dancing that was likely captured on camera between the ages of 20 and 27 years old. An ordinary Ghanaian village served as the setting for this wedding. Unlike most grooms, who approach their brides and dance affectionately with them, this man is not at all romantic.

Since there was too much space between him and his wife, he was seen dancing on the wedding grounds as if he were not the groom. He did it so that he could dance around the crowd in jest. The groom appeared to be getting ready to soar into the air as he stretched his hands and legs.

His dancing style is more akin to a jester than a groom. Even the wedding ceremony's MC expressed disbelief at the man's dancing.

In the video, he is heard speaking in the standard Twi dialect, "How does this dance work? Give them some presents, then ". During the wedding ceremony, attendees could be seen giggling at the groom's dancing abilities. Following their discovery of this, some users of social media said that this is the type of dance you get when you marry a comic. Others could not stop laughing as they watched the guy dance.

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