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A married woman who was found with another man in bed at Joburg Hillbrow committed suicide, See why

It is sad as a married woman who was found with another man in bed committed suicide after a video go viral on social media,she couldn't handle the depression, she just thought that taking her life, it is only a way to run away for her problem, sometimes people do things without thinking about consequence.

A worse part is that she left a child that is less than a year, it might happen that his husband not forgiving himself because he couldn't handle the matter silently, social media does not solve anything but making things worse, a woman felt humiliated and take her life, remember all the world saw that video.

Depreciation is really and other people are not strong enough, that woman felt embarrassed the way his husband handled things, and he find them right handed, no way that woman would try to convince people, Marriage is very important and people should respect it, because the moment you decide to be in a marriage, you make a Covenant with your partner, and you have to respect her or him.

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