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Dating Romantic

Why you need romance in your love life

First things first, what is romance?

It is all hearts and flowers? Do you have to make big proclamations of love in public? Is it about grand gestures? Well, it can be, but it’s not always necessary.

If you Google the actual definition of romance, it tells you that it’s a “feeling of excitement associated with love,” or “an emotional feeling or strong attraction towards another person.” So, if we’re going to by the actual definition, you don’t really have to do anything to be romantic, you just have to have the feeling!

Of course, if you want to show your partner that you’re feeling this way about them, you need to take some action.

The range of romantic actions is broad. It can be something as simple as saying “I love you”, or it can be something as grand as buying a huge bouquet of flowers and having them delivered to your partner’s place of work. It’s about what you’re comfortable with but it’s also just as important to know what they’re comfortable with too.

Many people complain that their partner isn’t romantic enough, but sometimes being overly romantic can be enough to make your toes curl up. Find the happy medium!

Romance can dwindle over time

Keeping the romance alive in any relationship can be tricky. When you get past those first few months where all you want to do is see each other, do sweet things for one another, go on awesome, inventive, adventurous dates, and, of course, have lots of awesome, inventive, adventurous sex, things can start to go downhill.

But if you understand how to be romantic with your partner, you’ll keep the spark of romance alive.

Usually, as your relationship works out and gets better, the effort you put into being romantic with your partner often dwindles.

It’s funny really. The longer you date someone the stronger your relationship becomes, the more you fall deeply in love with them and appreciate them. But yet, most of us think it’s not necessary to display affections of love once we’ve won our partner over.

If you’ve been going out with someone for 10 years, they are far more likely to be a significant and important part of your life than someone you have gone out with for 10 weeks. Yet the 10-weeker gets all the good stuff.

They get you at your best, when you willingly make the most effort. You put the most thought into how you can impress them. When you wine and dine them, buy them gifts, tell them how attracted you are to them and so on.

Why you need romance in your love life

Romance is all about making someone you like, or your partner, feel loved and special by doing unique things for them. Without it, you run the risk of making your partner feel insignificant and unimportant to you – even if that’s not even close to the truth.

Therefore, you must have romance. Every relationship has to have some level of romance, even if you’re not really the lovey-dovey type. Even the smallest amount of romance can go a long way in making a relationship successful.

How to be romantic without being cheesy

If being romantic is a way of letting your partner know that you still love them, and letting them know that you depend on them and need them, then being romantic is easy.

You simply need to be romantic in your own way and if you can do that you’re definitely being romantic no matter what gesture you go for.

To get you started off on the right foot, here are a few ideas on how to be romantic. Use your own ideas and modify them to fit your needs

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