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My Girlfriend Missed My Calls But She Stays In 1 Room- Crying Out Man After She Did This

"My girlfriend missed my calls but she stays in 1 room"


A man recently left mzansi off gut after he took it to twitter and cry about his girlfriend. Twitter user who goes by the username of @TakaTina1 was seen crying after he posted a picture of his of himself where he was seen holding a phone while crying because her girlfriend did not pick up his phone.

With caption: "My girlfriend missed my calls kodwa uhlala ku 1 room" he wrote.

The man is suprised why she's not picking up the phone while she stays in one room. The man looks so serious that it now worries fans about the safety of the lady who could be doing something important than what he is thinking.

This this mean that he's thinking that his girlfriend old be cheating on him, because she's not picking up his call? Bit what if she went to toilet or she is busy washing clothes and she cannot keep phone with her?

It's sad how man always assumed the worse when it comes to fans. Shocking things is that man always think the worse when it comes to their woman. This happens many times to those man who does not trust their girlfriend. They always assume they are cheating because he is cheating.

Twitter fans have reacted to this man. While majority think she could have gone to toilets and left the phone behind because of what might happen in case she slaps. His followers has advised him to relax she will be back. While others think that she could be in the kitchen, the phone was in the bedroom. Those 1 rooms have imaginary room dividers. While other think that she could be bathing and the phone was on charger.

What is your thought, which advice would you give to someone like this gentleman here.

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