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Signs you are in a Fake relationship


A lot of people are in fake relationships and they don't know. It is such a sad thing when you are putting everything you have into a relationship but your partner is faking the love in the relationship.

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In this article, we will be looking at some signs that you are in a fake relationship.

1. Hiding you from family and friends.

The moment your partner doesn't want you to meet or know any of his/her loved ones, then that relationship is not meaningful to them, they are only pretending and showing fake love.

2. Alway talking about their previous relationships.

If your partner never stops talking about his/her ex, then the relationship is fake. 

3. Always telling lies.

True love is all about telling the truth even when it is not comfortable. When a partner in a relationship begins to lie to his/her and doesn't feel remorseful about it. There is fake love.

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