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2 Things You Should Not Beg A Lady For

Sometimes you have to ask for something before it is given to you. Nobody can read people's minds. As a result, it is critical to always explain your desires to others. Communication does not always take the form of spoken words; it can also take the form of gestures or even body language.

"Pride comes before the fall." But it doesn't imply you should always rub your own mug in order to convince folks to do your bidding. There are plenty other ways to make people cherish you and appreciate your presence in their life. But you can't please everyone. Those who refuse to acknowledge and recognize your potential should be kept out of your group. This includes women. Here are two things you should never, ever ask a lady for.

1. Love

Love is blind. But only if you truly love yourself and accept your limitations. When you finally identify the individuals who actually care about you and learn from your past mistakes in life, you will stop caring what other people say about you, especially those who do not know you. You'll simply end up making yourself seem bad. The only affection that can be obtained by begging is pity, which is not love.

2. Attention

Never beg for a woman's attention. Otherwise, you may have to ask her every day. Begging for her attention is plain inappropriate. Begging for a woman's attention makes you appear not only desperate, but also cheap. You are giving her undue control in the relationship. A lady who loves you as much as she claims and knows what she's doing will always offer you her undivided attention, even if you don't ask for it.

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