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Our Perfect Wedding: A polygamous ceremony has viewers perplexed as Musa Mseleku is featured

This week on Our Perfect Wedding we got to see a side that we usually don't on the show. We get monogamous couples who are having a ceremony however this week they were... not quite like that.

The polygamy on the show had all the viewers wondering what was going on.

No. You did not accidentally catch the wedding of Mseleku and his wives, you were turned into OPW but the twist was gobsmacking. The Maleka family were having a ceremony to welcome the second wife in and people were left feeling all types of ways about it. The general consensus being that they felt terrible for the first wife.

It seemed however, to me, that Johanna was well adjusted and prepared to be a sister wife to her husbands new partner. Maybe there would be slight discomfort at the change, but, with their matching shirts who could doubt their connection was genuine? Perhaps it could have been a facade but they looked really happy to me.

It almost seemed like the first wife was TOO involved. Every single step of the way she was right there wth them, I felt like she was overshadowing Mpho and Julia's big day. There needs to be maybe some more boundaries in place between them.

Their guest of honour, Musa Mseleku would probably disagree. Branded the "ambassador of polygamy" by the Twitter masses, his presence seemed to serve as a stamp of approval to the ceremony. Of course he would support literally anyone getting into his lifestyle. He ushers broke men into it all the time on Mnakwethu. It seems his "gall" has no limits.

Personal Thoughts

I can't believe we've just witnessed yet another time where the polygamy angle was being force fed down our collective throats. It's clear that we can't seem to escape it in any kind of media. The reality is that more women are accepting a life shared with other women. Should it be that easy to see your partner commit himself to someone else? Or does it require a deep emotional sacrifice in order to not feel disregarded?

I wouldn't be able to exist in something akin to polygamy. I need to feel seen and in a situation like that, you rarely ever are. Eventually you become a number and if the person who I truly loved started to see me that way I'd be devastated.

The ceremony was beautiful but would you ever do this so publicly? What do you think? Let me know in the comments....💬

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Source: Our Perfect Wedding on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

Mnakwethu on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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