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Opinion: Stop Over Sharing Your Plans With Friends, Heres Why.


A quick one.


Stop over sharing your plans with friends. 

Here's why,

Some people are coming from a line of ancestry full of Ancestors that practiced witchcraft big time. So when they're born, they embody some of the roots through the DNA. (Exactly just as a person takes the looks or talents of their great great parents they don't know, that person can embody some roots of the practice). The person doesn't really need to use bad herbs and mostly they are not even aware that through their hearts, all bad wishes come to manifest. Just exactly how it is through Prayer Warriors , they heal with their heart. 

So some friends have such DNA full of embodied dark sides from their Ancestors which they did not apply for or aware of. Telling them your plans and if by any chance possible it hurts them that you are planning something good with your life and they start conversing inside their hearts asking themselves why you and yeses it shouldn't go well for you, there are spirits around them listening. Believe me you if you are Spiritually weak, YOU ARE DOOMED AND DESTROYED... Just like that. No muthi, no flying at night, no speaking into boiling pots. Just the hearts where the Ancestors are active. 

So please stop over sharing. Let the flowers of your plans bloom unexpectedly 

Nobody can stop a moving train, but one waiting to take on, it's a PROBLEM. 


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