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4 Things you don't hide In a relationship

A transparent relationship is one of the best you can have, you get to be yourself without being afraid of being judged by your loved one or being ashamed of who you are.

A relationship is between two people who love, care and respect each other and see themselves being one for the long haul you get to put it all on the table whether is your dreams or past, this will make the relationship even more pleasurable, last thing you need is to feel like you in that job you dislike but have to be in it just because you must. Transparency can help you be the the real you, wake up with messy hair without hiding and laying down your expectations. Here are the things you don't have to hide from your partner.

1. Dreams

Your partner should know openly about your goals in life and what you want to achieve. Share those deep dreams about yourself and the future you want or aim for, it can be education, career or that potential family tree you want, this should t be hidden away this rules out the risk of your partner from standing in your way from reaching your goals/dreams this will also make it easier for him/her to support you.

2. Your Beauty.

Ladies, natural beauty is something so beautiful, it's same as scars whether it's external or internal scars. They define who you are, where you've been and evidence that you've made it. Don't be afraid or ashamed to show your partner who you really are - he will love every inch of you from puffy eyes to messed up hair in the morning.

3. Past

We all have a past it can be sad, bad, happy or worse. Not saying you have to dish out every little dirty detail of it but also doesn't mean you have to hide it as if you are ashamed of what your past has made you to be. This can also mean that you don't have to carry the weight of your past failed relationships on your shoulders, if your partner knows the depths you've endured this can make your current relationship run as smooth as yoghurt down your throat, be upfront this rules out surprises.

4. Expectations

Don't hide your expectations from your man or woman, even though it's said that expectations are the mother of disappointments, it's always nice to know knowing what your partner is expecting from your union. Making it clear from onset what you expect from him/her and the relationship this can be a positive thing to do.

Transparent relationship is a way to go, comments are appreciated.

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