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Opinion: Respect your partner and do spiritual things together

This is based on my knowledge and spiritual understanding

It is very difficult to be in a relationship as a ancestors child, some come smooth as some comes with a lot of “Fixing “ the past prayer. Most are in relationships/Marriages that are currently going SOUTH , this is because:

Ancestors want to be recognised but you are not embarking on your calling.

Your partner is cheating / draining your energy spirit and it pisses off your ancestors. 

You have to acknowledge your “Main Ancestors “ and make them settled before they “Provide you with a partner “.

Some of you are tied up in the relationship by force and you can’t get out of the relationship. regardless whatever casting of bad words by your “other half “.

You stay because you were cursed . Find help (Some of your family members are in such relationships/Marriages .

You dream of your partner’s family bewitching you/You are shown the signs in your dreams etc. 

You are shown cloths, beads, capes, Jazzcoats of which you have not even bought or tailored .

To be in a happy relationship/Marriage , one needs to be happy on their own.have self care, self respect as to not to depend on anyone for happiness. Put your ancestors first and they sure know what is good for you and your spirit.

Respect your partner, do spiritual things together, embark on this journey together, grow together and you will see wonders happen in your life. 

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