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The Lady who is looking for a soul mate from these two places. Is she a perfect match?

The concept of finding love via social media is actually not as unlikely as it may sound. Due to instantaneous connections and the ability to scroll through someone's likes, dislikes, and their favourite memes, it's pretty easy to find common interests with someone and to slide into their DMs to initiate a conversation.

Social networking sites can help facilitate and maintain relationships between romantic partners. Facebook connects partners together online by allowing them to view their profile, post pictures with/of each other, and also can physically link profiles of partners together when the relationship status is changed.

Once you start posting about your relationship on social media, it affects the feeling of privacy which is a hallmark of romantic relationships. A relationship is supposed to be between you and your partner, a private affair, your personal business. Bringing it to the timeline can affect this balance.

Social media, if used sparingly, is not necessarily bad for relationships. For example, social media can contribute to unhealthy comparison and unrealistic expectations for what relationships are supposed to be like, and couples may spend more time curating an "image" of who they are rather than focusing on the relationship itself. Social media use has also been linked to poor body image and depression, which can negatively affect relationships.

Thuto Makua is a lady who also resorted to social media and posted that she is looking for a soul mate.

Is it possible to find love on a social networking site?

With people being on line most of the time, this also becomes a hot target to get scammed.

A lot of profiles aren't even genuine so, honestly speaking reliability isn't guaranteed at all. It's better to stick to tangible people whom you see, talk to and work with.

Social media definitely is a great place to connect person A & person B but not too sure if they would be trustworthy.

Negative effects on relationships:

• It can lead to jealousy.

• Excessive social media use is linked to couples fighting more.

• Social media might make daily life seem less interesting.

• It can distract you from spending quality time with your partner.

• It can affect our mental health.

It can lead to body image issues.

Do you think it is safe to look for love on social media?

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