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My Mom Sent Me This Thinking Am The Man She Is Having An Affair With (read chats)

Like many other teens,Seeing that my mother has joined social media and it is keeping her very occupied in a way that she no longer had time fir certain things at home has had me worried sick and curious to find out what and who is it keeping her that busy online.So i onetime went thru my moms chats in her smartphone an I noticed that she has been frequently chatting with a certain male colleague and not only did they chat that much they had some sort of secret meet up's

So with things being that way I decided to watch them like a hawk,So I can see the reason behind thier secret meet up because after going through thier chats I started having idea that they could be having an affair so in order to find out if my guts was telling me the right thing this is what I did.

I reached for my mothers smartphone and renamed my contact numbers to Simon and those of Simon to my name and blocked those of Simon with the intention if tricking her into sending me massages thinking Simon is the one recieving them.Long story short this is what she told me thinking she is chatting with him ,Read the chats attached below

Now that the 2 has been up to what I have suspected them to be up to from the very beginning of my trap what do you as reader's think it is the right thing to do when things are like this? When I made this set up, the intention was just to be to find out what's keeping her very occupied but unfortunately I ended up discovering this pregnancy of her's.So now that I know about it do you suppose that I tell my dad or just sit back and let the adults affairs be the adults affairs?

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