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4 Things You Should Always Do Before Getting Intimate

Disclaimer: This article was made for the sole purpose of educating young couples and in no way made to give any wrong impressions. If you are not up to eighteen, kindly exit this page as Topgister won't be responsible for any misuse of her contents.

In addition to intimacy as a pratice, physical intimacy with the right partner can also be enjoyable. However, some things should never be taken for granted no matter how often you get intimate with your partner. There are certain lines you should never cross and things you should do before getting intimate.

Before going any further, this is just my personal opinion on the matter and there are many other things not listed here which could also be done before intimacy. With all that said, have a nice reading experience.

1. Always take care of your private parts.

This is a subject that deserves more attention than it is getting. The moment can easily pass without thinking, but imagine getting intimate with someone with unclean genitals which may expose both parties to deadly infections. Isn't that a little embarrassing? Before participating in any form of intimacy, take a shower and carefully clean your private part.

2. Think about your health and future, use protection.

Intimacy without regret is made much easier with protection ( Birth control methods) available, unless you want to get pregnant and give produce an offspring. It will surely be terrible for any couple to be in the party mood only to realise that they've missed or forgotten their birth control methods.

3. Freshen up your breath.

No one finds the smell of food in their partner's mouth totally appealing, even though they might try to pretend, no matter how long they've been dating and how comfortable they are with each other, it's irritating and might be a total turn off. Simply remember to always brush your mouth or try gargling in the toilet in order to prevent a potentially dire scenario for both you and your partner.

4. Always wear clothes that are easy to remove.

This is also one thing people fail to put into consideration. Having trouble removing those stifling jeans prior intimacy could cause a total turnoff. Any hope you built during foreplay might be gone before you finally manage to get those jeans off. While intimacy is sometimes a temporary pratice that you might not have planned for, you need to make it very easy for yourself and your partner by wear easy-to-remove clothings when you're about getting intimate. This will only help things run very smoothly.

The points stated above should always be practiced in order to ensure a smooth and memorable ride with your partner. Thanks.

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