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Husband and wife relationship

" Her Parents Used To Mock Me And Warned Her Against Marrying Me Because I was Poor" A Man Narrates

Justus was hated by his wife's parents while growing up in the same hamlet. Because he came from a low-income family, the parents could see how destitute and down-and-out the young man was.

Nancy, the wife, was raised in a wealthy household. With everything they possessed, her parents could take care of their children without having to worry.

Her parents were furious when Justus showed up to claim he loved her and wanted to marry her. The first thing they wanted to know was if he could support Nancy.

Nancy, after a protracted courtship, finally found love and married. However, her parents continued to contact her.

It was difficult to maintain a happy marriage. Nancy would return to her parents' house to eat after going for days without food. When she returned home, her parents couldn't have been happier.

When the husband arrived to rake his wife's back, the mother would make fun of him, saying how poor he is and how he can only take care of his family.

Justus would remain humble till his wife was reunited with him. After a lifetime of hardship, he has finally found success as a legal aid attorney. He was able to pay for his wife's baking classes thanks to his earnings.

The man now appreciates Nancy's faith in him and her ability to perceive his potential when others could not.


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