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She posted her boyfriend and this happened.

We all have a way of showing the person we're in a relationship with that we appreciate and love them, for some people it is by taking them shopping and for some it is showing them off on social media. We all have our ways.

Well a young lady on Twitter posted her boyfriend and something she probably wasn't expecting happened. She posted photos of herself with her boyfriend, with the caption "Happy Birthday Bhut'bae wam", meaning happy birthday my love, and people started mocking her boyfriend because of his resemblance to the South African soul musician Ntando.

We all know that black Twitter is one of the most ruthless places on social media, we have seen a lot of people being embarrassed from their posts, or people getting exposed for things they have done, or even things they've said. People can be rude sometimes and it isn't surprising at all because we've seen so much people getting embarrassed on South African black Twitter.

To most people this is all in good fun and just joking around but, it seems they took it a little too far now, mocking someone because of the way they look physically can be detrimental to their self-esteem, not many people enjoy being mocked, but let's just hope that the women didn't take personal in any way.

People posted a lot of them and yes most of them are funny. Multiple Twitter users even went on to comment about Ntando's songs which goes "yebo ngyam'thanda booo" which basically meant the man in the pictures that the lady posted looks like Ntando.

I'm sure everyone knows by now that news doesn't take time to trend in South Africa these days, a lot of people have seen this post and it is almost popular on Facebook and Twitter, so watch out what you do because Twitter might show you flames.

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