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3 main reasons why men pull away.

The main reason men suddenly pull out is that they need space. Obvious right? Men often need space when they start to get closer to a woman.

Sometimes it's because they have to deal with it as it can be overwhelming for them. Remember they are not emotional gurus like us women. Men sometimes need space to discover what they see in you: fun or relationship material. So if a guy is hot and cold, this is probably where he is.

Another very common reason is that they have things to do in their lives. They may be under pressure at work or have things to do in their personal life, like with family, for example. Second, men drop out because they don't like you that much. This may have happened to you before after sex. Ouch!

Third, men pull out because they're not emotionally ready or mature enough for a relationship. You and he both need to have their heads in the game for this to work. So how do you deal with the reasons he is pulling away?

If he walks away, don't chase him, that will only cause him to retract even more and possibly indefinitely. You need to give him his space and not make a big deal out of it or even mention it for that matter if he comes back. If he doesn't come back, it's not meant to be.

It just means that there is an opening for a better man to come into your life. If he walks away after sex, it could be because you physically approach him too quickly, or he just hasn't enjoyed the sex.

A man needs time to get to know you and develop an emotional connection with you. Don't rush into the physical even if he wants to. First make sure that you have developed a bond with him and that he knows what you want from him. If you want the long term, you have to tell him.

Sex is really important to a guy, so if you've been honest with him about what you want and got to know him before you have him, then he hasn't been sold on your sex repertoire.

Learn a few tips. Finally, if he is not ready for a relationship, there is not a single thing you can do to change this. It's his choice and it's far better to walk away and find a man reading than to hold a candle for this guy and wait for him to come back. This process is not fast.

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