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Watch: Side Chick Jumps From A Storey Building And Breaks Her Waist Running Away From The Wife

Wonders shall never end, especially in the relationships' industry. A video of one woman who injured herself while trying to flee from an apartment.

This woman is a side chick of her sugar daddy who is married. Apparently the side chick was at her boyfriend's apartment in a storey building making out with her man. Suddenly things took a turn while they were still busy, it happened that the man's life partner was heading back to the house, when everything happened. The man and the side chick were afraid to get caught in the act, so the side chick decided to exit through the window, and she fell down the building. She landed on top of a car, breaking her waist in the process.

After this woman hit on top of the car, she couldn't get up or even move. It was a tragic incident that happened to her, and it is sad to watch someone go through such, even when they were in the wrong. It is alleged that the wife was contacted by someone informing her that her husband was with another woman. She hurried back to the flat to catch them unexpected, when the cheaters became aware that she was on her way to bust them, the side chick went out flying from the window and landed on top of the car.

The car, which is a metal, it was not the best idea to land on it as it can cause serious harm to the human body. What happened here should be a lesson to other woman, don't go out cheating with other woman's husband, or you will end up like her. It is best to stay in your territory than to mess with others territory.

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