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5 Things You Should Not Tell Your Boyfriend If You Want Your Relationship To Last Long.

There is no question that two people in love should not conceal secrets from one another and should always be truthful with their spouse, but there is an exception to this rule in some circumstances. If you genuinely love and cherish your relationship, you should not tell your partner the following things:

1. Don't tell your boyfriend about your attractive female friends.

Women have a tendency to think of their female friends as 'hot,' and some of them take pleasure in bragging about it to their male friends. This does not demonstrate that you actually appreciate their new appearance; rather, it sends an oblique message to the person you're seeing, encouraging him to take a closer look.

2. Don't tell him how bad your life was before he came into it.

You should be cautious about telling a person you're dating about how chaotic your life was before you met him since he can develop unfavorable thoughts about you. If you tell him that you've had numerous abortions before meeting him, he may believe that you'll never be able to bear children again in your lifetime.

He may begin to contemplate how he may use you and dump you, which will leave you even more sad if he is the horrible kind of guy.

3. Don't tell him you despise his ex-girlfriend.

If your ex upset you and you still have resentment toward him, you should never tell your current boyfriend how much you despise him or how much you loathe him.

Keep bringing up concerns about your ex-treatment boyfriend's of you, and your current boyfriend will be afraid, and if things don't work out, he will very surely wind up on your "hate list." Perhaps he is thinking to himself, "That's how she'll tell another guy about me if we break up."

4. Don't tell him how wonderful your ex was while you're having fun.

Tell your present boyfriend about it while you're having fun. Exaggerating your ex's qualities may lead him to believe that you want to discard him for another man if he does not satisfy your standards of excellence. It's also a good idea not to inform him since he could think you're one of those females that only dates for fun and is hoping to do the same with him.

5. Don't tell him you are keeping your virginity until you are married.

Telling a guy you're a virgin may put him off and force him to reject to date you, which is unfortunate. Telling him you'll never lose it till you marry him is not a good idea if he finds out about your virginity and decides to leave. Begin by getting to know him, becoming his buddy, and acting maturely whenever you are in his company so that he can respect you and your judgments. It is possible that his approval of you and your decisions may surprise you.

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