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An Indian Girl Said Something about Black Men that got a lot o responses. Here's what they said.

Earlier this month I came across something perculiar. This was a status from an indian South African girl. In her status she decided to make her needs noticed and she attracted a lot of attention for it. Below is her status and what people had to say about it.

Her status was short and sweet, saying " I finally understand the Kardashians love for Black Men". While she didn't clarify exactly what she meant, we can make the safe assumption that she is attracted to black men. So what does black men have to say about her. Below are some of their replies.

Here the poster says she will make a group chat with her and her friend in it and they can choose which black guys they want. One guy asks to be in the group.

Here another Indian guy tries to tell her she needs to be with ab Indian guy, completely ignoring what she originally said she needed. Unfortunately both her and her friend clap back at him pretty quickly.

One man offers himself to her, asking her is she wants to try him.

One black girl however came to warn black guys against dating her, saying that she is eating black men and she may have too much drama.

Another man came out to say that she won't give a black man like him a chance, however he doesn't elaborate as to why.

(This image is for illustrative purposes only)

Personally I'm glad that so many people are responding to her, apart from the few negative comments, everyone is very positive, showing that interracial relationships are being widely accepted and that racism is slowly but surely going away. I wish her all the best. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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