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Subtle Sign That Your Partner Is Trying To Take Absolute Control In Your Marriage

Subtle Sign That Your Partner Us Trying To Take Absolute Control In Your Marriage

1. Taking charge of your finances

A joint bank account may seem like an obvious next step in your relationship, and you may appreciate the assistance if you're not good with money, but if your partner has assumed entire control of your money, something is seriously wrong.

'Abusers like to have financial control over their victims, causing them to rely on them for money,' Davey explains. 'The abuser wants to have complete control over you and know everything you do, even if it means asking for a pound to buy a newspaper.'

Another reason they do this is to keep you isolated and guarantee you have nowhere else to go and nothing to do. Abusers want their victims to feel trapped, as if they have no choice but to stay with them no matter what.'


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