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People were touched by a man who did to his mother what other men do to their girlfriends

Men find themselves having to impress their partners in such a way that they end up forgetting about important people in their lives.

It is a sad thing to watch because most of them find themselves in such situations without asking for it. Mothers are important part of our lives, and they want to see us meet women who are going to be as caring as they are for us, but unfortunately there is a price to pay along the way before meeting a woman like that.

A man called Lucky Nkonyeni says he has seen some guys arranging a stack of money to make it look like flowers in order to give to their girlfriends, and what he wants is to change that game by becoming the first man doing the same gesture for his mother.

Lucky's Twitter profile says he is a software developer. He posted a photo that he took with his mother who was holding a flower stacked money. Lucky was having a piece of paper written 'Mother, I am an engineer.'

People were touched by this photo, and they believe that what he did is the most beautiful thing that most men are failing to do for their own mothers.

Someone believes that mothers are the ones who deserve to be handed such flowers instead of girlfriends. Someone also told him to keep it up since our mothers are the most sidelined individuals, but he warned him to be careful not get in trouble with his girlfriend if she is a jealous type.

People complemented Lucky for what he did, and they regard him as their own hero.


I believe that we should not forget about our mothers even when we meet people that we think we love. Our partners happy is a good thing but that should not make us forget about where we come from.

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Lucky Nkonyeni


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