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He said white weddings are overrated by blacks, and this is how people reacted.

Connie said that it is true indeed, and they have their own unique way of doing it. She says that they must just forget everything about colonial times and stick to their own ways. She said that they should stop wearing their clothes and stick to their own traditional wear. She said that they were colonized by the whites, and she saw nothing wrong with the whites. One of them said that most black people think that having a traditional wedding is beneath them and that weddings and weeding are only perfect when the bride wears a white dress. He stated that they have adopted the western-traditional wedding and attire as their own and consider it to be their own.

Jeanate said that a "white wedding" refers to the dress color and its associations with purity. She said that it was first won by the Romans 200 years ago, then a break until it was won by Quuen Victoria, which set off a fashion trend that has grown from there.

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