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Here is why women prefer Snuff over tablets, Top secret exposed (Opinion piece)

Source: opinion

A lot of people ask themselves why women are always carrying snuff instead of keeping the container at home. Well snuff is like cigarette the only difference is that a full container of snuff can last for a day or two. What raises question is that young people today have their own ways of using snuff.

Instead of buying snuff to use it for ancestral practices or sniffing. Out young people have found another task of this tobacco. Topic about snuff has left young man out of words. After realizing that the effort they put is a relationship is actually a scam. Ladies are hiding the truth using this combo to make their boyfriend think they are safer and better for marriage.

Little did they know ladies use snuff to keep themselves glowing and looking young. When lady comes forward holding this container know that you have been shucked. What she will be cooking is not the food that was made by her. Beware before it is late my brother danko.

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