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Divorce Affair

Cheating is a crime for your own family opinion

what are cause of cheating

1 money everything start with money, for someone to love you is money. So if money is absent in relationship it stir the problems ,where some partner think is better going outside the relationship and found someone rich than the partner. Women are the one who mostly goes for money. But for men is just selfish.

2 trust both men and women when trust is absent from their relationship cheating is the results. Both parties must trust each other to overcome cheating. Some people are cheating because they think their partner is cheating, so both parties must trust each other to avoid cheating. When you trust your partner you wont cheat,and tou will be reliable.

3 jobless after losing job many men experience cheating were by their partners will go for other working men. If a man is jobless things change in the house.

4 unhappy relationship some people cheat because they found themselves in unhappy relationship,they don't enjoy the existence of their relationship. Sometimes is because they have married someone who is not their type or their partner are abusive. Sex life do count also , if one is not reaching were supposed to reach during sex.

5 ignorant being ignorant is also the contributing factors, not paying attention to your partner. Not giving him or her enough time.

Cheating is a crime that many couples commit against their families .Because many are not trusted to their husbands or wife's including children and other family members. They rob off their family members trust and love , respect dignity . To be committed is an honour that requires people with respect and love not forgetting dignity.

It said that in south Africa the people who cheat the most are men with 62% and women are at 38 % . So meaning men are the one who are not trusted the most than women. It Al's discovered that around 17500 spouse cheat .

in conclusion please be smart flow with you partner know what he or she wants and do only the best for him or her.

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