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Two ladies who seem to be dating the same guy decided to team up to deal with their cheating Partner

A video has surfaced on social media platforms particularly on Twitter. And the video shows two ladies dealing with their cheating boyfriend. What happens in the video is that: a lady who appears to have not known that her partner was with someone else walked inside a clothing shop.

The lady was surprised to see her partner doing some shopping with another lady. And the lady who walked alone in the shop called her partner by his name. However, in the video, the guy appears to have been caught off guard, because he looked like he was in shock to see his another partner.

And the situation quickly got heated because the other lady appeared to be surprised that her partner was now entertaining another lady. Instead of yelling at each other or being angry at each other: the two ladies then decided team up to deal with the guy who it became apparent were dating both of them at the same time.

The video plays for about thirty seconds. And in the video, the two ladies can be seen trying to discipline the guy with their hands. As expected, people who were inside the shop then decided to stop and watch the situation that ensued between two ladies and one guy.

Readers who are interested in watching the video can simply click here

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