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Checkout: The Age At Which Women Are Most Likely To Cheat: full details here

Females are most likely to cheat when they are in their 30s or 40s. more information can be found on this page.

What motivates women to commit fraud? Perhaps the seven-year tingling or an emotional outburst is at blame.

Regardless of what a woman's personal motives may be for betraying her husband, there is a point in every woman's marriage where she is inevitably drawn to another man's arms.

No matter how individual each of us is, rational examination into the idiosyncrasies presuming that adulterous troubles exist discovers some common examples of what causes spouses to run away with the pool boy, play rough with the link guy, or drink mixed beverages in bed with a different guy.

How old are women most likely to con?

According to a study conducted by members of the Victoria Milan extramarital undertaking dating site, there appears to be an example in the age at which women are most likely to deceive.

Contrary to popular belief, the women who are most likely to consider betraying their life partner are not in their twenties, but rather in their mid- to late-thirties.

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