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No matter how deep you love a lady, never do these five things for her.

It doesn't matter how much you care about a girl if you never do these five things for her.

Certain things you should never do for a lady, no matter how much you love her, all in the name of pleading with her, are prohibited by law in most countries.

As a male, it is your obligation to ensure the happiness of your wife, but there should be some boundaries in place. It is your responsibility as a guy to protect your ego, and you should not allow a woman to undermine it or take advantage of you merely because you are in love with her. Listed below are five things you should never do in order to please a woman:

1. Make sure she has enough money to pay her school tuition.

Unless she is your wife, you should never pay for a woman's education. While it is acceptable to assist and support her while she is in school, doing everything for her is not acceptable. If you are forced to do so, you should. You should not, however, make the assumption that she will be obligated to you in the future.

3. Commit a crime on Her behalf.

If you are unable to keep up with her fast-paced lifestyle, do not steal or engage in dangerous behavior to placate her. If she truly cares about you, she would notice when you are in financial trouble and will not put pressure on you to resolve her financial problems.

4. Don't because of her, forget about your loved ones.

Women may be extremely manipulative, especially when they are aware that you genuinely love them and are willing to go to any length to keep them. Some people may try to show you how horrible your family members are in order to make you feel further distant from your relatives. If she ever decides to go, the only people who would be by your side will be your family. As a result, you should never break up with your family in order to make a female happy.

5. Put Your Own Needs in Danger for Her.

Unless it's absolutely required, you should be a little selfish with your time and energy. In order to send her money so that she can buy food, you can't afford to go hungry. You can share what you have, but you should never give up everything you have in order to make her pleased.

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