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Husband and wife relationship

Here Is Some Benefits Of Getting Married Early | Opinion

Mostly men desire to settle late than women. Women go on Menopause while Men do not, and this causes many Men to be relaxed whilst Women are panicking.

What men forget is that, there is also what I call child spacing, imagine marrying at the age of 30, you will have your first kid around 31 or 32 years, so the time the kid will be turning 10 years you will be think about spacing between the kids, how many also you want to have.

This is why mostly fathers fail to develop good relationships with their kids. How do you play soccer with your kids when you are having them in your old age, and most Men instead of resting, they are still working tirelessly at the age of 50 because they have to fight for the children future, and all because they never saved enough money in their youth to sustain the family something they would have done with the wife of their youth together.

This delay starts with our parents and friends who tell us don't marry until you have made enough money. We forget that even Adam who lived hundreds of years was given a wife when he had no house, He only had a garden and was sleeping in the gadern am sure under a tree somewhere.

Adam he had nothing to rush for, yet God never said first build mansions alone, have cars and then go and Marry. Relationships are much stronger when you start together from the foundation. Get a woman who is willing to fight with you from the scratch. Because time waits for no one.

Above all remeber the Bible talks about the wife of your Youth So let's get married and everything we want will build it together.

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